Call for Paper

The topics of inetest are included below, but not limited to :

Aerospace Technology

Aircraft Structure and Design; 
Spacecraft Structure and Design; 
Aircraft Manufacturing Technology; 
Aerospace Engineering; 
Reliability issues of engines, power supply units and their systems; 
Development prospects and use of engines for aviation, rocket and space systems, automotive engineering and stationary power supply units; 
Re-engineering of aircraft engines; 
Operation processes and engines theory; 
Environmental issues for aviation, energy development and space booster; 
Production and advanced technologies of propulsion engineering; 
Computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing in engines development; 
Power units and supply systems control; 
Aerospace Systems and Technology; 
Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity; 
Aerospace Dynamics and Controls; 
Aerospace Propulsion; Aerospace Structures; 
Aerospace Design, Testing, and Performance; 
Airworthiness and Certifications; 
Experimental Methods and Measurements; 
UAV and MAV; 
Flight Systems; 
Aircraft Structure and Design; 
Spacecraft Structure and Design; 
Other related topics


Communication Networks; 
Wireless Communications; 
Mobile Communications; 
Infrastructure for; 
Next Generation Networks; 
Information & Communication; 
Coding Theory; 
Optical Communications; 
Internet Technologies; 
Communication Software; 
Sensor Networks; New; 
Communication Technologies; 
Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design; 
Marketing Communication; 
Green Communication; 
Communication Systems; 
Telecommunication Technologies; 
Data Communications; 
Information Technology Application; 
Satellite Communication; 
Network Security; 
DSP Algorithms & Architectures; 
Other related topics

Energy Systems

Modern Energy Systems and Power Electronics; 
Renewable Energy Systems and Distributed Generation; 
Renewable Energy Systems; 
Hybrid Power Systems; 
Intelligent Control for Renewable; 
Energy Systems; 
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT);
Power Electronics in Distributed Generation; 
Intelligent and Adaptive Systems in Smart Grid; 
Power System Management; 
Other related topics