Conference Venue

ATCES 2018 will be held in Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel(上海锦江白玉兰宾馆), Shanghai, China.

Add: No. 1251 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai ( 上海 杨浦区 四平路1251号 (五角场商业区)

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About Shanghai

  • Climate Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa) and experiences four distinct seasons. Winters are chilly and damp, with northwesterly winds from Siberia can cause nighttime temperatures to drop below freezing, although most years there are only one or two days of snowfall. Summers are hot and humid, occasional downpours or freak thunderstorms can be expected. The city is also susceptible to typhoons in summer and the beginning of autumn. The most pleasant seasons are spring, although changeable and often rainy, and autumn, which is generally sunny and dry.
  • Food Shanghai cuisine (上海菜), also known as Hu cuisine (滬菜), is a popular style of Chinese food. In a narrow sense, Shanghai cuisine refers only to what is traditionally called Benbang cuisine (本帮菜; Běnbāng cài; "local cuisine") which originated in Shanghai; in a broad sense, it refers to complex and developed styles of cooking under profound influence of those of the surrounding provinces, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It takes "colour, aroma and taste" as its elements, like other Chinese regional cuisines, and emphasises in particular the use of seasonings, the quality of raw ingredients and original flavours.
  • Transport Shanghai has an extensive public transport system, largely based on buses, trolley buses, taxis, and a rapidly expanding metro system. Shanghai has invested heavily in public transportation before and after the 2010 World Expo, including the construction of the Hongqiao Transportation Hub of high-speed rail, air, metro and bus routes.
  • Air: Shanghai Pudong International Airport/Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  • Metro: 14 Lines