Call for Workshop


2018 2nd International Conference on Aerospace Technology, Communications and Energy Systems (ATCES 2018) invites proposals for workshops to be co located with ATCES 2018.



Content and Format

We welcome workshop proposals on topics within Aerospace Technology, Communications and Energy Systems, and other miscellaneous topics that are well suited to the flexibility that a workshop format provides and that are expected to be of interest to a significant proportion of ATCES 2018 attendees. Workshops can be half day or full day, and may consist of any subset of invited talks, paper presentations, discussion panels, and other activities that the workshop organizers would like to propose. The rooms provided for the workshops will have capacities ranging from 30 to 60. Papers submitted to the workshops for peer review should consist of new unpublished work and papers accepted to the workshops will be published in the workshops section of the conference proceedings and archived by database.

Organization and Responsibilities

Workshop organizers are largely autonomous in setting the schedule of events at their workshop. Workshop organizers are responsible for creating a website for their workshop, issuing a Call for Papers for their workshop, arranging a Program Committee of appropriate size and experience for the workshop, setting up the schedule of events for the workshop that is in accord with any ATCES 2018 constraints such as shared break times, and being present to moderate the workshop.

Submission Instructions

Submit a single PDF document containing the following:

  • Workshop Title;
  • Names and contact information for main organizers;
  • Brief description of workshop topic;
  • Brief motivation of why the workshop would be beneficial;
  • Desired length of the workshop;
  • Description of proposed workshop activities and balance between paper presentations, invited talks, panel discussions, etc.
  • Tentative list of Program Committee members (if the workshop will have peer-reviewed papers), indicating which members have already confirmed they would participate if the proposal is accepted;
  • Potential Invited Speakers (if the workshop intends to have invited speakers), indicating if there are any that have confirmed they would participate if the proposal is accepted;
  • Summary of any related workshops held in the past, including explicit indicating whether this is a continuation of past workshops.

The single PDF file should be submitted to