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ATCES 2020 will be held in Moscow, Russiaduring Sept.25-27, 2020!

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation and the state capital of Moscow. Moscow is Russia's political, economic, cultural, financial, transportation center as well as the largest comprehensive city. It is an international metropolis.

Moscow is located in the middle of European part and Eastern European Plain of Russia, crossing both sides of Moscow River and yauza river. The upstream entrance of Moscow and Volga River Basin is connected with the river mouth, which is an extremely important transportation hub in Russia and even in Eurasia, as well as an important industrial manufacturing center, science and technology, and education center in Russia.

Climate: Moscow has a temperate continental humid climate. Extreme weather is very frequent. December will open

The beginning of the long melting period of ice and snow, heavy snowfall, the average annual snow period of 146 days (early November to mid April), long winter and dark weather. The average temperature in January is - 10.2 ℃ (minimum - 42 ℃), the average number of days with temperature above zero is 194 days, and the number of days with temperature below zero is - 103 days. In summer, the temperature may drop sharply and the rain may be continuous. The average temperature in July is 18.1 ℃ (maximum 37 ℃). In total, the weather is clear for 1568 hours and the annual average precipitation is 190-240 mm. The peak precipitation is in August and October, and the lowest precipitation is in April. In winter, the west wind, southwest wind and south wind are mostly blowing. Since May, northwest wind and north wind are frequent.


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